Joe White & Sons Mini Miami, one of our childrens funfair rides,
Children's Rides for Hire

Looking for some children's rides to brighten up your event? From a classic toy ride or cups & saucers to a family rollercoaster or bouncy castle, attractions just like these have been putting smiles on young faces for generations. At Joe White & Son, however, we pride ourselves on the fact that most of our equipment is only a few years old, built to the highest specifications by leading manufacturers.

Joe White & Son Mini Miami Joe White & Son, Go Gator, a childrens roller coaster Joe White & Son, Mini Chairs Joe White & Son, Toy Set Joe White & Son, Cups & Saucers Ride

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Most of our attractions can be assembled in an hour or less, in space starting at just 5-metres (15-feet) in diameter. Such flexibility makes them suited to a wide range of events including birthday parties, weddings, school fetes, carnivals, festivals, street fairs, Christmas markets, corporate events and even TV/film work.

The funfair/fairground rides that your children enjoy as kids will create memories that last a lifetime, filling photo albums, Facebook pages and picture frames for years to come. So make sure they are riding the best! Subject to height/weight restrictions, many of our attractions can be ridden by parents together with their children, sharing in the fun.